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The lush landscapes of Ireland, Great Britain and northern France are pictured in this rare cloud-free view, acquired by Envisat on 28 March 2012. Credit: ESA.

Scalable cloud-based data processing is the future of Earth Observation due to the large volumes of data being generated by satellite-based instruments, remote sensing tools and onsite observations. In particular, as the Sentinel family of satellites grows during the first half of the 21st century, data volumes will increase on a daily basis.

With this in mind, Parameter Space is leading a pathfinder project leading to the development of a regional exploitation platform for the Atlantic region, called EO4Atlantic. The platform will enable the development of customized information services on a cloud-based high performance system within a collaborative environment.

How does the platform help me?

The EO4Atlantic platform will allow users to analyse large data sets in a high-performance capacity, without the need to download large data volumes. Users will be able to:

  • access ESA Sentinel data (hyperspectral and radar)
  • perform analysis on the data (platform services or user’s own)
  • visualise and save outputs (images, maps, layers, NetCDF)


Planned capabilities include:

  • Standard toolboxes for analysis of satellite data
  • Workflows allowing the chaining together of different tools to create multiple processing steps
  • Prototype services providing products, such as
    • sea surface wind statistics for e.g. renewable energy site evaluation
    • flood risk assessment in coastal regions
    • ecological and physical characteristics of inland and coastal waters
  • Incorporation of multiple datasets and datatypes.
Other functions include:
User-contributed services – upload your own:
  • Platform replicates local development environment
  • Test service on small scale first
  • Run your own analysis algorithms close to the data
  • Save outputs for later re-use, sharing
Create and run customised workflows using standard tools:
  • ESA’s Sentinel toolboxes;
  • GDAL and other standard tools
Add products and external layers to maps:
  • Save;
  • Include Metadata;
  • Set Permissions;
  • Share
Example Service – Sea surface wind
  • Comparing satellite radar data from Sentinel-1 to buoy data

Wind speed direction, English Channel

EO4Atlantic  has been developed by Parameter Space. iGeotec, Techworks Marine and Treemetrics are each developing a proof of concept service to be incorporated into the platform.


Details on the platform operation and user interface are here.

Service trials are underway from November 2017 to February 2018. This phase will allow interested users to provide feedback on the services contained within the platform and contribute to ideas on future services for development within EO4Atlantic.

The user guide for the platform is here.

Parameter Space would like to hear from all interested stakeholders, in Ireland and along the Atlantic coast (e.g. UK, Spain, Portugal, France). If you are interested, please contact us at

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