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To tackle the increasing volume of science data, and the associated demands of data-analysis, we have developed a novel science data analysis platform to meet the demands of ESA’s most advanced satellites.

The company has developed the Gaia Added Value Interface Platform (GAVIP) to facilitate analysis of Gaia data by the scientific community. The platform has been deployed at the European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC) in Spain. More information on the platform can be found in the SPIE 2016 paper available here.

Additionally, Parameter Space has developed a set of advanced tools to analyse transient sources such as supernovae, as part of the Gaia Added Value Interface for Transient Analysis (GAVITA) project.  The company is working with two other companies – Space Systems Finland and Fork Research in Portugal – that are writing tools for temporal, spectral and visualisation analyses. Developers will also be able to submit their own analysis tools, which may also be publicly available.

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